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‘I don’t have all of my paperwork’

Customer challenges

  • They may be self-employed for a short period of time
  • Their previous years’ financials don’t tell the full story
  • They may not have their most recent financials or tax returns completed

Bluestone solutions

  • Up to $500k cash out for business purposes, home renovations or a large purchase.
  • Flexibility with income verification
  • Unlimited debt consolidation including ATO debt and business loans
  • No credit scoring – we assess each application on a case-by-case basis
  • Only one income verification document is required for Alt Doc loans

Key Loan Features

  Prime Near Prime Specialist Specialist+
Max loan amount* $3m $2.5m $2m
Max LVR* 90% (no LMI)

85% (no LMI)

80% (no LMI)


ABN 24 months, GST 12 months

ABN 12 months, GST 1 day

Full Doc – ABN 12 months, GST 1 day

Alt Doc – ABN 6 months, GST 1 day

Debt consolidation


Unlimited, including ATO debt, business debt or privately funded loans

Cash out

Unlimited – where >$200k or 50% of value evidence of purpose required

Unlimited up to 80%, $200k > 80%


Ignored if paid up to $500

Up to $2000 or over 24 months ignored

Up to $2000 or over 12 months ignored

All ignored

Mortgage Arrears

Up to 14 days

Less than 1 month

Less than 2 months

Less than 3 months

Discharged bankruptcy


Acceptable if more than 2 years

Acceptable if more than 1 day

Part IX, X agreements

  Discharge more than 2 years Discharge more than 1 day

6 months’ clear repayments

*Subject to location, LVR and product selected

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