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The go-to home loan solution for PAYG and self-employed customers with clear credit.

Our Prime product offers PAYG or self-employed customers the flexibility they need, at competitive interest rates. We accept a range of income types, and for self-employed customers they can verify their income through a variety of options.

Product Features

  • Borrow up to $3m*
  • Up to 90% LVR and no LMI
  • ABN 24 months, GST 12 months
  • Flexible employment criteria, including part time and casual
  • Unlimited debt consolidation
  • Unlimited cash out where >$200k or 50% of value (evidence of purpose required)
  • No account keeping fees on full doc

Prime Rates

Owner Occupied Full Doc

LVRPrincipal & Interest RateComparison Rate**Interest Only RateIO Comparison Rate**Risk Fee
60%7.29% pa7.50% pa7.59% pa7.80% pa-
65%7.29% pa7.50% pa7.59% pa7.80% pa-
70%7.29% pa7.50% pa7.59% pa7.80% pa-
75%7.44% pa7.65% pa7.74% pa7.95% pa-
80%7.44% pa7.65% pa7.74% pa7.95% pa-
85%7.99% pa8.20% pa8.29% pa8.49% pa-
90%8.39% pa8.71% pa8.69% pa9.01% pa1.00%
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