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5 December 2023
Serviceability Buffer

Stressed repayments are calculated using the higher of:

  • Broker entered rate plus applicable stress rate as per the new loan (either 1.5% or 2%)
  • Floor rate of 5.25%

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24 October 2023
Credit Impairment

Repaying Part 9 and Part 10 agreements on Specialist loans.

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Employment and Income

2 recent payslips with 1 dated within 4 weeks of the application date showing valid ABN required for PAYG income verification.

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Exit Strategy

Where a loan term is greater than 30 years exit strategy to be provided at age 45 years old.

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28 September 2023
Maximum number of directors increased to 4 for Company and Trust borrowers.
Borrowers of convenience for Investment Loans removed from Unacceptable Borrowers list.
See Full PolicyLoan Purpose
Unlimited debt consolidation now available with Prime loans for refinances
Private loans now available for Prime loans with 6 month repayment history
See Full PolicyLoan Amount Rules
Maximum loan size increased to $3m for Sydney/Melbourne, $2.5m for large capital and regional cities and $1.5m for other locations.
Aggregate exposure limits increased across all products to a maximum of $5m.
Near Prime and large capital and regional cities added to 90% LVR Product.
See Full PolicyMaximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR)
Near Prime increased to 90% LVR for Owner Occupied and Investment loans.
New development build date reduced to 3 years.
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Cash out limits
Cash out and Line of Credit amounts allowed changed to Unlimited.
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Employment by Income
Self-employed Alt Doc requirements for ABN length reduced to 6 months for Specialist and Specialist+.
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Stressed repayments broker entered rate (buffer rate) reduced to 2%.
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Securities and Valuations
Units built within 3 years as an acceptable security (reduced from 5 years).
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Valuation criteria

Maximum property value for Electronic Valuation Reports increased to $2m.
Automated Valuation Model and Electronic Valuation Reports now accepted for Units.
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Exit strategy
Minimum age for an Exit Strategy increased to 50.
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Variations and increases
Limit on frequency of loan increases removed.
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31 July 2023
Prime Alt Doc max LVR 90%

Maximum LVR for Prime Alt Doc Owner Occupied loans has increased to 90%.

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7 July 2023
Loan Amount Rules

We now lend to WA Non-Metro areas – Bunbury, Busselton and Geraldton (max LVR 85%, max loan amount $1m)

We’ve increased max LVR to 85% and max loan amount to $1m in Townsville and Cairns areas

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30 June 2023
Loan Amount Rules

We now accept cash out on 90% LVR

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Employment and Income

Rental Income

We can now accept rental income as the only source of income (used to be 50%)

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27 June 2023
Maximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR)

Maximum LVR has increased to 90% for Prime full doc investment loans

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