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Bluestone adds to long list of policy changes, with 6 more improvements


In addition to the more than 20 policy changes we made last month, we’re excited to let you know that we’ve made more improvements to our policy, further expanding the flexibility we can offer your customers! The below changes are effective for new applications from 24 October 2023. To help you service more customers and grow your business, we’re excited to bring you some more improvements to our policy. 


1. No minimum requirement for liquidity in an SMSF

Reduced from 5% liquidity requirement

2. Removing the 10 storey restriction in inner city areas

Previously 10 storeys and under

3. Accepting clearing of IX & X Debt Agreements on Specialist loans


4. Increasing the maximum loan term to 40 years

Servicing will be calculated over 30 years and exist strategy required for applicants over 45 years

5. Requiring 2 recent payslips with 1 dated within 4 weeks of the application date

Changed from requiring the 2 ‘most recent’ payslips

6. Removing the requirement for bank statements showing salary credits where the payslip show a valid ABN

Previously limited to Owner Occupied Only


View the complete list of recent Bluestone policy changes below, and find out more in our Online Credit Policy and our Product Matrix.


We’ve improved our flexibility and reduced requirements and paperwork for your customers with these helpful policy changes.


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Effective for applications received from 24 October 2023. Bluestone home loans are serviced by Bluestone Servicing Pty Ltd ACN 122 698 328 (Australian Credit Licence No. 390183) on behalf of the Credit Provider, Permanent Custodians Limited ACN 001 426 384. Terms and conditions, fees and charges, and Bluestone lending criteria apply. 

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