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Success Story: Specialist Scenario

specialist scenario

Staying on top of large amounts of credit card and personal loan debt can be challenging, especially when two incomes become one.

Read how Bluestone helped our customers consolidate 11 debt accounts into one home loan payment and saved them $3,000 a month.

What was the customer’s situation?

The customers were struggling financially after having a baby in 2016 and having to rely on only one income for an extended period of time. They took out multiple credit card and personal loans during this time and were unable to stay on top of the repayments.

Unfortunately for this couple, they fell into arrears and were unable to refinance and consolidate debt with mainstream lenders.

How did Bluestone help?

Bluestone were able to help by consolidating their 11 different personal loans (totaling 150k) into one home loan payment. Before they consolidated their debt, their monthly repayments were $6,400 and now they are paying just over half of that – a saving of $3,000 a month.

What Product did you receive?

Specialist product.


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