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Broker Success Story: Credit Card Debt Consolidation

credit card repayments

Credit card repayments can be difficult to stay on top of, especially when the customer has 20 different credit cards.

With help from Bluestone and Credit Mediation Services, the customer was able to consolidate all 20 debt accounts into one monthly payment, saving the customer thousands.

What was the customer’s situation and how did Bluestone help?

The customers had 20 credit cards and were struggling to stay on top of all of the payments. They came to Bluestone wanting to consolidate their debt into a single payment, secured against their home loan. Bluestone helped the customers consolidate all 20 credit card payments, saving them over $2,400 per month in repayments.

What made this deal unique or challenging?

The deal involved debt consolidation with CMS (Credit Mediation Services). The total credit amount was negotiated down through CMS, with the adjusted payment figures set to be paid out by Bluestone.

What product and rate did the customer receive?

Near Prime

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