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Broker success story: Specialist Scenario

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After a historical hiccup in their finances, the customers were really struggling to find a lender who would approve their loan  to purchase their dream home. Under our Specialist product, the Bluestone team were able to help the couple and finalise their loan.

What made this deal unique or challenging?

Their loan request had been declined by other banks due to their financial history.  Overtime and work allowances had to be taken into consideration for loan servicing purposes. The settlement was also due the week before Christmas.

How did we help the customer?

We were able to provide a solution with our Specialist product – overtime and allowances were used as 100% regular and consistent income. A risk fee was payable due to product type and LVR, however no mortgage insurer was involved so the customers were approved within our policy.

What product did your customer receive?


Tell us about your experience working with Bluestone.

The entire application process took 48 hours from submission to approval and meant that our customers were approved before the Christmas settlement date. The customers were incredibly happy with the service they received.

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