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Non-Standard Success Stories: Refinance and Cash-Out Following a Business Loss

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Helping an existing customer with refinancing and cash-out after a business loss-making year

Customer Scenario

The customer, who had recently transitioned from a sole trader to a company structure, was looking to refinance his home and seeking cash out for car and home renovations.

Workshopping the solution 

The customer was an existing Bluestone Prime borrower with a Full Doc loan. His company made a loss in the 2022 financial year. His broker contacted the Bluestone Scenario Hotline to discuss how best to refinance the loan internally and get cash out.


Having carefully considered the customer’s situation, our underwriter advised the broker to apply for our Prime Alt Doc product, enabling the customer to refinance the property by switching from Full Doc to Alt Doc. Once submitted, we were able to unconditionally approve the customer’s application to refinance, moving him towards his plans for a new car and renovations.

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