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Non-Standard Success Stories: Loan Approval through Divorce or Life Events

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How we helped a recently separated customer get a fresh start 

Customer Scenario

This customer wanted to purchase a property but didn’t have the minimum six months of mortgage or rental conduct to support her loan application. 

Workshopping the solution 

The customer previously had a property, which they sold following a divorce. This customer had been renting for three months and wanted to purchase a new property. Their personal circumstances meant they couldn’t access previous mortgage statements for the last year. The LVR for the proposed property was 60%.


The customer’s broker asked the Scenario Hotline if Bluestone would consider an exception for only three months of rental conduct. Our underwriter supported the exception from the initial assessment. After the call, the broker submitted an application for our Prime Alt Doc product and we quickly conditionally approved the loan. 

Once the valuation report came through, we took less than a day to approve the loan unconditionally. The loan has since settled, and the customer has the fresh start they need.

Call the Scenario Hotline on 13 BLUE for assistance on your loan scenarios.

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