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Non-Standard Success Stories: Helping a Customer Fund a Lifestyle Change as an Exception to Postcode Restrictions

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How we helped a city-dweller fund their tree change

Customer Scenario

The customer wanted to sell their city property and move to the country. They also had an $80,000 loan default from three years ago that they needed to pay off with some of the value of the city property. 

Workshopping the solution 

The customer’s preferred suburbs were outside of the lending criteria. Their broker contacted the Scenario Hotline to ask if Bluestone could consider an exception for a property in the Gippsland region due to its zoning. 


We advised that our Near Prime product would be suitable. The customer met the criteria and found the perfect property in the LaTrobe Valley. After 12 months of fresh country air and clear loan conduct, they may be able to apply for our Path to Prime initiative and reduce their rate. 

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