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How Bluestone Helps Self-Employed Borrowers


The majority of Bluestone’s customers are self-employed, and we work hard to provide purpose-built solutions for these borrowers.

SME borrowers have been making headlines recently, because they are finding themselves underserved by the market and in need of access to affordable finance solutions. This presents a brilliant opportunity for brokers, who can help this market segment navigate the different requirements and benefits each lender has to offer in this space.

61% of Bluestone’s borrowers are self-employed, and we’re proud of the flexible, purpose-built solutions we can offer this segment to help them meet their financial objectives. Below are some of the benefits Bluestone home loans can offer your self-employed customers.


Self-employed borrowers looking for home loans typically have to meet much higher thresholds for income proof than their PAYG counterparts. Most lenders require the two most recent tax returns in addition to various other forms of documentation, like bank records.

We understand that not everybody has access to their most recent tax records, and that in some cases, tax returns aren’t the most accurate reflection of a company’s current position. That’s why we offer a variety of options for proving income for a Bluestone loan, including:

– 1 or 2 years’ tax records
​- BAS statements
– Accountants’ letters
– Business bank statements

The exact requirements for income verification depend on the nature of the business your customers run, as well as the Bluestone product they wish to apply for.


According to Scottish-Pacific’s September 2018 SME Growth Index, 92% of SMEs reported that cash flow issues prevented them from making revenue gains, and 79% of business owners said cash flow was their biggest business concern.

Bluestone can help these borrowers with flexible options including redraw facilities and cash out for business purposes of up to $500K*.


The SME Growth Index further found that a quarter of SME owners struggled with making tax payments on time, and that their cash flow issues were often worsened by ever-reducing payment terms from suppliers – a problem 40% of respondents faced.

Business and tax debts can easily sink a small business if not addressed. That’s why Bluestone offers the opportunity to consolidate an unlimited number of personal and business debts into our loans, including tax debts.


ASBFEO’s Affordable Capital for SME Growth report found that business owners work an average of 7 hours of overtime every single week. That means they don’t have a whole lot of time on their hands to do much else.

To help self-employed borrowers claw back some time, we’ve made sure that the Bluestone process is as simple as possible. Our fast turnaround times also help business owners access the funds they need in time to reach their goals and objectives.

If you have self-employed customers looking for a new home loan or refinance, reach out to your BDM to find out if Bluestone can help.

*Cash out amount is dependent on credit impairment level and subject to Bluestone’s lending criteria.

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