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Broker Testimonial: Michael Mankin, It’s Simple

Tell us a bit about your customer’s situation, and what they were looking for or needed in a home loan? 

My customer had some adverse conduct on an existing debt over their two-year consumer credit report. They had cleared their debt over the previous six months, but getting a loan at a decent rate had been a challenge — until we found Bluestone.

How was Bluestone able to help your customer meet their home loan needs?

No credit scoring, and Bluestone’s prime product meant my customer got a rate at one per cent cheaper than almost any other lender could offer. This will save my customer thousands of dollars.

How was your overall experience with Bluestone? 

My Bluestone BDM Kelly Wright is one of the best. She always has time to call and check-in. She also reviews files and lets you know if you’ve missed anything. That way, you can submit any outstanding documents and keep your customer’s application moving. 

The Bluestone Credit and Settlement teams were also out of this world. Jacob Crawley from Credit and Clarence Gamboa from Settlements are perfect examples of what operations staff should be in the home lending space. They are always proactive with communication, and demonstrate the best quality that anyone dealing with clients can have: care.

What is the one word you would use to describe your experience with Bluestone?


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