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Broker success story: Gemma Lawther – PRIME

It can be hard for customers with previous credit issues to refinance to a better rate, even if they have great conduct.

Fortunately for Gemma’s client, Bluestone were able to help them refinance to a Prime product and a much better rate.

Read what Gemma had to say about the deal and her experience working with Bluestone.

What was the customer’s situation?

The customer had a number of debt accounts and a very low credit score, but his conduct was great. He was looking to tidy up his finances and get a lower rate on his home loan so he could try to get ahead and hopefully purchase an investment property in the next 12-18 months.

What made this deal unique or challenging?

The customers’ low credit score and multiple consumer debts meant that other lenders rejected the application.

What product did your customer receive?

Prime Full Doc.

Tell us about your experience working with Bluestone

Bluestone offers great solutions for those who are good clients i.e. no defaults and great conduct. It’s no longer prime or not prime – there’s a great middle ground that helps clients who are already trying to help themselves reach their goals even faster.

Anything else you’d like us to know about the deal or your experience with Bluestone?

The assessor was fantastic in trying to workshop the deal with me. Straight away I could tell he was trying to find a way to make the deal work. My BDM is always great to deal with and loves to brainstorm client scenarios with me to see how we can get my clients approved on the best product possible.

The Bluestone team is really there to help – sometimes there’s just a small change to the structure of the application which provides a much better outcome for the customer.

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