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Broker success story: Competitive Rate & Fast Turnaround

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A lot of clients are forced to decide between a great rate, or a quick approval. Broker Adam Baker’s clients were able to have both. With the help of his Bluestone BDM, Adam was able to get his alt-doc clients a competitive rate with a fast turnaround for their investment property purchase.

Here’s what the broker had to say about the deal and his experience with Bluestone. 

What was the customer’s situation?

The clients were looking to buy an investment property and had not completed their tax returns so they needed an alt-doc solution. We reviewed the lenders based on the best rates and with the help of my Bluestone BDM, we were able to offer the client a much better rate and a fast turn around time which was important with a 30 day settlement.

What made this deal unique or challenging?

The challenge was the alt-doc piece. There were better rates out there, but slower turn around times. The customer was tempted by the lower rates, however my Bluestone BDM was able to match the rate and with Bluestone’s turnaround time being so good, the choice was obvious.

Tell us about your experience working with Bluestone

Having a great BDM is essential for a lender like Bluestone, someone that you can workshop a deal with, someone that will go above and beyond to get an acceptance prior to submission. My Bluestone BDM has done all of this for me and clients. Being honest when a deal doesn’t qualify so we don’t waste time submitting something that won’t be approved.

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